Maintenance Management

The Plant Management System make all operating processes rational and transparent – from shift planning to component use. The system helps detect weak spots early and optimize operating procedures & operators get updated information for organizational, technical and commercial details. The System assists in maintenance work and has modules for tasks like planning, control, supervision and reporting.

Functions which make work easier based on master data and timely operating data acquisition, the system supports many areas of operations:
• Minimizing of the administrative effort invested in plant management
• Efficient job scheduling & control along with performance recording and documentation
• Cost-optimized shift planning with integral payroll data acquisition
• Optimizing and reporting of the use of operating supplies and the stocks of supplies
• Daily cost status, availability data and official requirements compliance information
• Assurance of compliance with processing and quality standards
• Subject-related control of information flow and authorizations
• Dependable safety disconnection process with conflict check and switch-in warning