Specialist Services

Plexus provides a full range of specialist services to the power sector across the world and our capabilities include:

Audits and due diligence
Our power experts are routinely called in to audit the design, commissioning, operation and performance of generating stations worldwide. We also conduct due diligence to assist our customers in investment and acquisition decisions.

Risk and reputation management
Our experience in stakeholder consultation, safety and environmental protection means that we can work with our customers to minimise risk from the outset.

Sustainable solutions
Our environmental services business, which operates throughout the Americas and Europe, provides a range of services, such as regulatory and approvals guidance, environmental impact assessments and community relations support. Using a full-service provider like Plexus means tighter control of processes – saving time, cutting expenses and improving quality for our power customers.

Front-end investigations
Plexus is one of the industry’s upcoming and respected consultants for the initial evaluation of energy projects. Our management consultants are supported by our financial analysts; our technical specialists are routinely called upon to conduct initial investigations and commercial reviews for power generation projects.

Feasibility studies
Plexus retains a multi-disciplinary consultancy resource which can provide complex studies, which are crucial in ensuring project success. Financial institutions can use our feasibility studies, power costing studies, audits and due diligence reviews to assist them in making investment decisions.

Performance Improvements (PI) is a global provider of production optimisation consultancy to the oil and gas industry, maximising uptime and efficiency,  reducing emissions and reducing operating costs, while operating safely.