We have collaborated with premiere renewable energy (solar, biomass, wind, Hydro) Engineering, Procurement, Construction contractor and developers. We design and deliver both grid connected & off grid projects for industries and in remote rural areas, including water pumping systems, home lighting systems and other large scale power generation requirements.

We have unique combination of experienced and skilled project managers, qualified trade and technology partners and reputed quality contractors to work on utility scale and distributed generation projects in India.

We do:

  • KW to MW Scale Project
  • Solar Farms
  • Solar Roof Top Project
  • Biomass Pellets Manufacturing Units
  • Biomass Plants
  • Wind Farms
  • Hydro Project Management

Our comprehensive package of solar services covers all aspects of solar project life cycle;

  1. Feasibility including technical and financial feasibility
  2. Design and development including pre- contract negotiations
  3. Construction management including acceptance testing
  4. Operational management services including asset management
  5. Due diligence including technical, commercial and environmental due diligence services

Solar PV Systems

  1. Solar Lantern/Emergency Light
  2. Solar Portable Battery Charger
  3. Solar Home/Indoor Lighting Systems
  4. Solar Power Plants, Standby Power Supply
  5. Solar LED Lights
  6. Solar Street Lighting Systems
  7. Solar Garden Lights
  8. Solar Pumps

Off-Grid Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant (With or without Battery Bank)


  1. Street Lighting System
  2. Solar Lantern
  3. Home Lighting System
  4. Telecom Tower/ Banking
  5. Institutions
  6. Industrial Sector
  7. Residential Sector
  8. Rural Village Electrification
  9. Pumping System