About Us

Plexus Infratech

Plexus Infratech Private Limited is a company with interest in diverse sectors of Engineering, Infrastructure and Technology, from Energy, Telecom, Cement, Aviation, Exploration to Automation and Information Technology. The group is an integrated provider of products and services across sectors and verticals, and deliver exceptional value to the end users. It extends advantage of highest quality and cost effectiveness to its customers through a portfolio of products and services. The group is proactive in entering into partnerships with National and International market leader across the world, thus drawing technological expertise for its stakeholders. Plexus Infratech is an upcoming Indian brand with a global foothold.

Plexus Infratech collaborate and offer an integrated suite of products and services across all verticals of engineering, infrastructure and technology. Our focus enables us to provide services through a seamless multidisciplinary collaboration and a team that brings expert skills and deep sector knowledge. Our team comprises of Engineers, Planners, MBAs, Chartered Accountants, Social & Environmental specialists and Advisory experts who support clients to address their generic and specific challenges. We have years of professional experience in various sectors and businesses viz: EPC, engineering, manufacturing, design, research &development, international finance, mining, trade, and international project development.

The company was originally incorporated as Plexus I.T. Consultants Pvt Ltd, for doing projects and consulting related to Information Technology in various sectors. But over the years we have gained knowledge and expertise in the domains of Engineering, Infrastructure and Technology. From mere consulting, we are expanding towards turnkey execution of projects. The new name reflects this expansion and is in line to our vision to uniquely position ourselves in our areas of core competencies.

Our operations today are more global with incorporation of subsidiaries in Canada and Africa which includes service and product lines well beyond where we began.

Going forward, “Plexus Infratech” will be the cornerstone of our international branding efforts and will bring all of our business divisions under one hood.